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Looking for a Great Cup of Coffee?
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Visit Sardinia Perk @ 107 Winchester St. in Sardinia, Ohio!

Exploring Ulysses Grant’s childhood homes: Before the Civil War and the White House, he was just a boy in Ohio (photos)

At the time of his election in 1868, there was perhaps no presidential candidate in American history more revered than Ulysses S. Grant. And it all started here, in a tiny house in a tiny town in what was then the frontier of southwest Ohio.

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Woman Arrested for Stabbing in Brown County

Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger reports that on May 17, 2016 a Brown County Detective responded to Bethesda Hospital to take a report from a subject. The subject stated that after an argument at his residence in Perry Township he was stabbed multiple times by a female known as Robin Weeks.

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