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Commissioners to consider landfill repair

On Tuesday, Brown County commissioners will consider the repair of a cap over the old landfill area.

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Meeting scheduled for federal disaster assistance in Clermont County

Two area meetings have been set for local governments and nonprofits that have applied for the Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance to deal with spring storms and flooding.

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Young Ohio winery producing world-class wines

Brad Hively describes his winery venture as a hobby that spun out of control. Call it hobby, obsession or life’s work, or simply call it La Vigna Estate Winery – one of Ohio’s newest wineries located in Brown County, near the Ohio River, about 85 miles south of Dayton.

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Bath Salts Hitting Hard In Brown County

The designer drug called “bath salts” leaves a path of destruction behind, as the powerful hallucinogen takes hold in one local county.

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Suspect flees police, without clothes

A man is in police custody Thursday after allegedly stealing a vehicle and a boat and fleeing authorities.

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Officials Want Answers To Siren Problems

Officials in one local community want to know why their warning sirens are going off late and in some cases not at all.

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Underwood’s wife: Charges blown out of proportion; read the complaint

Green Bay Packers cornerback Brandon Underwood, accompanied by his wife, Brandie, appears in Brown County Circuit Court on a disorderly conduct charge on Wedesday, July 6, 2011.

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Video Captures Funnel Cloud Over Georgetown

The Ohio State Patrol released video of a funnel cloud over Brown County from a week earlier.

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